Help Us Slay a Financial Giant!


It's Time to Claim Our Territory

Passover is the season for new beginnings. As we approach this appointed time, we are preparing to leave behind the giants we faced in the wilderness and enter into the promised land. The financial giant we have all faced in the past three years must be overthrown!

We humbly ask you to go “All In” and:
1. Consider giving the most generous cash offering you can at Passover.
2. Make a pledge above your tithes and offerings to be paid over two years to reduce our mortgage with the bank.

We have an immediate need of $250,000 to meet our operating budget. Our $7,700,000 mortgage was purchased by another banking institution, and now we must reapply for financing. Without a financial commitment and pledges from our congregation, we will not be able to continue working with the same bank.

We have cut our expenditures by thirty percent, including staff salaries, and have still maintained our ministry outreaches. But, due to the economic ramifications of Covid and the recent economic system failures, we find ourselves in the cycle of lack; all the while playing catch-up each month.

We need your help to take down the giant of "not enough." Please partner with us at Word Alive International Outreach for the breakthrough anointing of MORE THAN ENOUGH!

Make a pledge to support the ministry of Word Alive International Outreach

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Your generous cash offering and two-year pledge will help fund ministries right here in our local community, in the state of Alabama and around the globe.

Want to make a pledge to go "All in?"
Send us a message.

If you would like to make a pledge towards our "All In" giving campaign, please fill out our pledge form, and someone from our staff will connect with you.

Once again, we thank you for your faithful support!