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Today I want to focus on empowerment and assignment. I believe that during the COVID pandemic, God shifted something and changed the spiritual inference of the Church. During that time, God called us out of the four walls of the church into our homes.

The Year of Light: 2023 Ministry Vision

Pastor Kent and Beverly sought the Lord for His vision for Word Alive International Outreach (WAIO) in 2023. Two separate prophecies confirmed that this is the “Year of Light” for our ministry.

Word alive international outreach monthly scriptural encouragement video recap new biblical month of Sh'vat

The New Month of Sh’vat

Sunday, January 22, began the new Biblical month of Sh’vat. This month is also known as the “Month of Trees” and we will see that God is calling us to be like a tree.

The New Month of Tevet

December 24 began the tenth Biblical month: Tevet. In this time, the Lord wants to separate the light from the darkness in our lives so that we can see clearly. He uses His word as the lamp unto our feet that guides us into maturity.

It’s that time of year again when everyone is making New Year’s Resolutions. However, so many of us make these resolutions and then fail to move forward on them. I have another concept I’d like to present.

Chanukah: The Feast of Dedication

The Feast of Dedication is here! While commonly known as Hanukah, it is also referred to as the Feast of Dedication or the Feast of Lights, as the word Chanukah means “dedication” in Hebrew. This feast is about lights, fights, miracles, and most importantly, the God of impossibilities.

Word alive international outreach video teaching on biblical herbraic month of kiselv

The New Month of Kislev

We have just entered into the ninth Biblical month of Kislev. Kislev means “trust, hope, and security.” God is reminding us that these things are found only in Himself.

Word Alive International Outreach 2022 Ministry Impact

2022 Ministry Impact

2022 has been an amazing year of transformation! Your generosity has impacted many lives locally, in the state of Alabama and around the world.

Word alive international outreach month encouragement video keeping christ in christmas the power to overcome kent maddox

There’s an old cliché: “Don’t take Christ out of Christmas.” I’ve been studying the word Christ this season and found that it is mentioned 555 times in the Bible. Five is the number of grace; triple five denotes the grace to overcome. Christ comes from the Greek word Chrístos, which means “anointed one.”